Still wintry!

10th March 2024

There was a slight rise in temperature last night but winter is still firmly in place. The graph below shows the temperature trend and can be sourced through the SAIS website by clicking ‘More’ on the main banner heading and then ‘ live weather stations’.


(Above) Aonach Mor summit temperatures were -3.9 degrees C at midnight then rose to -2.3 degrees C by the afternoon.


(Above) This is a picture of Tower 17 where the Holfuy weather station is located. Vital information for the staff at Nevis Range.


(Above) Trace amounts of windslab on a northerly aspect around 1000 meters. The darker shades of snow are firm and icy.



(Above) Footsteps in one of the shallow and isolated deposits of windslab.(Quite dull and chalky appearance.)


(Above) Rime ice at 1200 meters.


(Above) Snow cover looking South-East from the bottom of Easy Gully. The snow surface was mostly firm and icy, although it was possible to break through a crust to the older softer snow in some locations.


(Above)Looking North from the bottom of Easy gully.


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