Back Corries

17th March 2024

After some snow and strong winds yesterday evening it was a mild, dry day today. The windslab which has been around for a few days has now become wet and is reasonably well consolidated. There has been significant snow loss and many areas which had a thin covering yesterday are now bare.

Photos below are from the Coire an Lochan and Coire Dubh area of Aonach Mor, known to skiers as the Back Corries.

Coire an Lochan


Easy Gully


An avalanche forecaster hard at work photographing cornices. These are mostly fairly small at the moment.


Corrie Dubh


Wind sculpted snow at the top of ‘Chancer’ with Braveheart chair below.


This photo shows the recent snowpack history well. The dimpled snow in the foreground is the old snowpack. The layer on top was deposited as windslab, then eroded by wind from a different direction to give it it’s current shape and then rained on to cause the dimples that are starting to appear especially on the right.


Raised footprints. The compacted snow where the footprints are has resisted wind erosion and then thawing better than the softer snow which covered this whole area yesterday.


A Raven enjoying the sun on Aonach Mor summit plateau.

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