Strong Southerlies.

10th March 2018

Although relatively benign down in the glens, it was quite wild on the hill with strong winds and plenty of blowing snow. Turning a bit milder this evening, with a more settled day expected tomorrow.

Looking up Aonach Mor this morning. It looked to me as if there was some weather going on up there, and I was not wrong.

A local that I passed on the way up. This was one of a number of mountain hares which I saw this morning while walking up the gondola line. 

Looking back towards the Snowgoose restaurant. It was getting a bit wild by this point.

The top of the Quad chair can just been seen through the cloud and blowing snow. This is where one of the holfuy weather stations is located (see final image for explanation). 

The view at my high point at around 1000 metres.

A screen shot of part of the webpage for the weather station at the top of the quad chair. As you can see quite breezy, but below freezing which is good. There are two holfuy weather station in the ski area. These can be very useful to monitor temperatures or wind, or see what has been happening at any time in the past period of up to five days. As mentioned one of these weather stations is at the top of the quad chair at about 900 metres, the website for this station is The other is at the top of the gondola at 650 metres, the website being

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  • Martin
    10th March 2018 9:42 pm

    Really useful links to the Holfuy weather stations! Cheers

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