Getting colder again

16th March 2017

The temperature dropped quite quickly this morning and there was a small dusting of snow coming from the shower activity. No significant accumulations yet, but it looks like that will change overnight and during tomorrow!

Looking up past the CIC hut

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  • Keith
    16th March 2017 5:52 pm

    I’d be really interested to hear the opinions of SAIS staffers about this “winter” and their predictions of what this means for Scotland’s snow sports, (climbing, ski touring and the piste skiers) in the long term. Everyone appreciates this is going to be speculative at best, but as winter mountaineers how should we best adapt…beyond emigration.

    • lochaberadmin
      18th March 2017 4:18 pm

      Hi Keith
      I don’t think that you can read anything into the long term winter climate trend from the weather pattern of one winter. You’re right that while this winter hasn’t been good for skiing or climbing it follows a period of several consecutive good years.
      The effects of climate change on snow amounts is very unpredictable. 2013/14 was one of the warmest and wettest winters in the UK but most ski resorts had record amounts of snow. One of the predicted climate change possibilities is that it will slow down the Gulf Stream which will result in lower temperatures for North-West Europe.
      In terms of what you can do about a poor winter like this one I think the main thing is to be adaptable and opportunistic – choose the right activity for the conditions and make the most of the good days.
      Emigration remains an option….

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