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22nd March 2015

I was not expecting to get much of a view today, so was pleasantly surprised when it was in fact clear today. The first picture, taken today, is the view from Stob a Cul Choire over to Aonach Beag where I was yesterday.

As is often the case there does not look like there is a huge amount of snow on Aonach Mor at the moment. This year almost all the snowfall has come on Westerly or South-Westerly winds, and in high East and North-East aspects there is loads of snow.  To try and show this I dug out three pictures of Aonach Mor taken during the late summer, to compare with some which I took from roughly the same places yesterday.

As you can see in some locations there fair depth of snow in these places In the past 10 years snow has survived all year round in Coire an Lochan twice (2008 and 2014). Unless we have a particularly mild and wet spring, summer and autumn, I would say there is a fair chance it will survive again this year.


Looking over to Aonach Beag.


The South side of Coire an Lochan yesterday.

Coire an Lochan 1

The South side of Coire an Lochan in summer


The area above central buttress yesterday. The posts which are visible in the summer picture still exist, but are all buried.

Coire an Lochan 2

The top of Coire an Lochan above Central Buttress in summer.


The top of Easy Gully. Notice how little the rocky rib in the back right of the gully sticks out.

Easy Gully

A rare summer accent of Easy Gully. See how much the rocky rib (which is almost buried at the moment) protrudes.


Comments on this post

  • Tom Rupar
    22nd March 2015 3:50 pm

    Summer & winter shots – such a good idea. Should do more of this sort of thing.

    Getting to exactly the correct position to frame the shot must have been a challenge?

  • Helen Rennie
    22nd March 2015 10:05 pm

    Great set of photos for snow patch hunters !

  • Sam Noble
    24th March 2015 11:10 am

    Totally agree with Tom and Helen – A really interesting set of photos. Good effort!

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