13th February 2015

Visibility wise conditions today were a stark context to yesterday. The clag was very thick above about 800 metres. There was a little fresh snow, but deposits were no very much. Winds were from the South-East. As often is the case with a South-Easterly winds, I noticed that the fresh snow and rime (you can sort of see this in the picture below, but is more noticeable in the fresh snow) was not a brilliant white, it had a brownish tinge to it. This is likely to be due to dust/pollution blown in from further South in Britain and/or the continent. An old picture taken by the staff of Ben Nevis observatory (so taken around 120 years ago)  found in the SMC Ben Nevis book shows a trench in the snow. Distinct black layers can be seen. These are likely to be the result of pollution from the large amount of coal burning that occurred at the time.

Riming on a pole, whiteness beyond.

Riming on a pole, whiteness beyond.

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