BIG avalanche on the Ben.

3rd March 2010

Yesterday we investigated a couple of huge avalanches that occurred just to the North of the red burn on Ben Nevis on Saturday.

The two big avalanches on the Ben. The left had one down the “baby brother red burn” (the smaller burn just to the north of the red burn), and the other down the slope between that and the red burn.
A person crossing the debris of the left hand of the avalanches.

The debris of the right hand of the avalanches. The tourist path up the Ben is under there (it can just be seen at the left hand side of the picture). The three dots that can be seen in a line near the red burn are in fact people.
Looking out across the debris of the left hand slide down to where it reached the mid way loch.
The avalanche picked up and moved large boulders like this one (note the ski stick for scale)
A lot of debris.

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