Overnight Snow

16th December 2018

Overnight fresh snow fell on a generally Southerly wind. This has made the hill look a fir bit whiter, although a fair amount on the cover is quite cosmetic (and I suspect will disappear over the next few days). However, some sheltered locations (such as the back of the Goose Gully, and Easy Gully, see photos below), have reasonable, if localised, deposits of fresh snow.

A couple of ptarmigan. The nearer one seems to have committed winter colours, the other one obviously not too sure whether to go full winter mode, or stay in autumns colours. 

Looking up the Goose Gully. Although to great cover yet, the sheltered back of the gully has caught the fresh snow. 

Soft snow on a firm base. There are a number of icy streaks on the hillside formed in the cool dry conditions of the previous few days. These are lurking under the fresh snow to catch out the unprepared walker.

There are also some patches of old hard snow about which again is pretty firm.

Looking down Easy Gully on Aonach Mor. It seems to have caught the fresh snow quite well.

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